Saturday, July 22, 2006

Soot Happens, and so do Injuries

Ok, since my last post, I have aquired a number of injuries, as is bound to happen in this line of work.

First, a burn on my thumb, from a piece of steel I had removed from the fire and set on the anvil while I stoked my forge. The steel was probabbly around 700°F at the time I leaned against the anvil and my thumb came down to rest on the hot metal.

About a week later, I was doing a forge weld, and the 2000°F piece I was hammering jumped out of my tongs and landed on my bare arm on the way down (I could smell the singed arm hair).

Two or three days after that, I was using the belt grinder, my hand slipped and I got a nasty papercut from 80 grit sandpaper being rotatated by a machine pretty quickly.

Injuries happen in this line of work, but I hope that I don't ever get quite so many, or so harsh, in such a small amount of time ever again.

But as we all know, Soot Happens.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Holidays and Photos

Today started the mountain's 4th of July Celebrations. This means that things were extreamly busy. I had several folks take pictures and it reminded me to post a link to my pictures.

So, to get to the pictures of me smithing, just click here:
Smithing Photos

Also, if you have any pictures of me smithing, please send them to