Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Paleo Lemonade

In an attempt to find a good "relaxing drink" to have other than water, I decided to make a lemonade sweetened with raw, local honey. It turned out quite well, so I thought I would share the recipe I used, as well as the adjustments I plan on making in the future. Here is what I did, I juiced my lemons, and, since I like pulpy lemonade, I added the pulp to the juice as well. I then put it in a saucepan, added my honey, and heated it until everything was well blended. After, I cooled the mixture, then added the water. The proportions I used, by volume, are based off the amount of juice. I used 3/4 of the juice volume in honey, and 6 times the juice volume in cold water. Now, on to the changes I will make. Next time, I will try not to use a honey with such a strong flavour - this was a boldly flavoured tulip poplar honey, and that strong taste definitely came through. It also came out way too sweet for my liking, so I will probably drop it back to half of the juice by volume. This lemonade is certainly better on day two, after chilling and mellowing in the fridge for the night. I am enjoying a glass as I write this. Grab some lemons, grab some local honey, and try it.

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  1. Sounds great! Going to try my hand at your recipe with the tweaks tonight. :)