Saturday, July 16, 2011

A New Pledge

Something I came up with this morning:
I pledge allegiance to the Constitution
Of these united States of America,
And to the republic, which it defines
For the several States, joined in union,
To protect Liberty and Justice for all.

Feel free to share, as long as my name (J. Kenzal Hunter, Sr.) and/or a link to this page is provided.


  1. So no reference to God?

  2. The phrase "under god" was not added to our current pledge until 1954 during the reign of terror of Eugene McCarthy.

  3. Awesome. It makes far more sense to pledge allegiance to the Constitution than to a flag, though I do get the symbolism of using a flag. Ultimately, it is the Constitution that is the important piece here.

    And as far as the "under God" bit, it is neither historical nor necessary in a national pledge, which is a re-affirmation to our commitment to our laws and our form of government- a Republic (rule under law), not a Democracy (rule by majority).

    If people want to pledge an allegiance to a god, they should do so in their own home or church or other religious space. They have that freedom in the united States, as protected by the Constitution.