Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Emergency Funds

Soot Happens, and when it does, you need to be able to clean up; often, the bigger the mess, the more expensive it is to fix.

Yesterday, Soot Happened to me. I was driving to work and a red HOT COOLANT message displayed on my dashboard. I had been getting periodic LOW COOLANT messages and figured it had just gotten too low and bad on me for letting it. So I purchased some coolant and popped the hood (note: never do this in that order). The reservoir was over full with murky coolant, so I took it to the mechanic across the street so they could take a look at it, and probably flush the system for me.Several hours later, a leak was discovered in the seam of my radiator, and the whole thing needed to be replaced.

I had just been paid, and I had already spent most of my check on paying bills and debts, but there was enough technically available in the account to cover the expenses, but more bills to pay before the next check arrived, some already scheduled.

Enter: Emergency Funds.