Sunday, May 31, 2020

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

We see those of you helping and those of you making things worse. In this Age of Information we are able to share what we see across the world.

Those who have been selected to protect and serve, please be mindful that there are those among you abusing their privilege. Call them out, take them down. If you see something you think might be an abuse of power, find out whats going on and relax the situation. If you see something that is a clear abuse of power, treat the abuser as any other criminal, if not more harshly.

I read the other day that it often takes nine months for an officer to be charged with a crime, regardless of the amount of evidence. When those in a position of trust break that trust, or even may have broken that trust, investigation should be a priority, as should removing that person from their position, at least until found Not Guilty.

I know there are "Good Cops", I know several personally, many of which are on my friends list. But I have eyes and see that there are "Bad Cops" too. Don't let the bad apples ruin not just the barrel, but the whole crop. Each time something like this happens, it taints that entire "thin blue line". You have a monopoly on the power of arrest (while "citizen's arrest" is a thing that exists, it is a legal nightmare). This leaves us common citizens with no practical, legal course of action for crimes committed by police. By not actively and harshly policing your own, we wind up in situations like we are in now, with riots breaking out nationwide because common people everywhere are sick and tired of the police, sometimes literally, getting away with murder.

In many, if not most, of these cases, there are racial influences. You have to be better than that. If you can not be, if you can not leave your prejudices behind when you pick up your badge, please turn that badge in and find another line of work, as public service is not for you.

Who polices the police? You, the police have taken that job upon yourselves. Do your job and police yourselves. When you do not, others will do it for you, and will do it unconstrained by oath or law. We see this happening now, please don't make it worse.