Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Soot Happens, Cleaning Must Follow

It has been a while since my last update. Mostly because I haven't been getting any hours at the forge. Though it is time to pack up and move on, that's no reason to stop this blog. In fact, I find it a wonderful oppurtunity to transform it into something else. Rather than letting Soot Happens be a blog of my life as a blacksmith, I will use it as a window to show you how I am doing in life in general.

Today I came up with a phrase, which I may or may not market, and may not be used without my permission. "Life is a Game, Go for the High Score!"

I have reciently begun reading various books by Robert Kiyosaki. I agree with a majority of what is talked about in the books, mostly because my own thought patterns are very similar. I plan on becomming wealthy. So for now I will use this blog to plot my progress on that path.

For those of you wishing to follow me along this path, I recommend you start by reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad. If you can read through this, Please continue on to Kiyosaki's other books. I've provided a link to the first book, over on the right.

Aside from reading the books, I am also looking into new sources of income. In fact, next month I will be attending a meeting of the Georgia Real Estate Investors Association where hopefully I will learn a thing or two, I am especially interested in what is known as Birddogging. The reason this took my interest, is due to it's potential to get into real estate investing without any starting money (my current situation).

In addition to real estate, I am also interested in investing in stocks, bonds, etc. We will see where this goes, and I will keep this blog updated with my progress.