Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dreams of K — Faechilder

Odd dream last night. Nikki and I had just moved in to our new house (still making it livable) and we walk away from the hallway we are working on and when we returned, we had additional children: triplets, a red-headed girl and identical twin blonde boys, around four or five, but with the articulation and abilities of seven or so years of age — they were painting the hall (the parts they could reach anyway). We now had four children, as we knew they were ours, even though we'd only had the one an hour ago.

The children were ours, though the twins didn't speak often, and we only had them from the autumnal equinox to the vernal. During the other half of the year they did not exist. In the dream we raised them, they were our children after all, and watched them grow up along with our year-round child. Though we did not remember them in the warmer months, when they were with us, we realized we only had them for half a year. We begged and prayed to keep our children, all of them, for the whole year, but our request fell upon deaf ears. Whatever being had placed these additional children in our life was only allowing us the half year we had, and no more.

The faechilder walk my dreams, and though I have washed the sand from my eyes the shadows of their footprints are still upon my heart. Hopefully, the dawn will burn away those shadows, as it often does the shadows of dreams. For all I know, I raised three fae last night, and if I did, I wish them well, and hope they remember the lessons they learned in that time.

Be careful what you wish for, what you say in passing, and rhetorically request, for the fair folk are all about us and always listening and should they find you worthy, just might grant you what you didn't even realize you were asking for. Their gifts may not always come with a price, but those that don't are far more complicated than they seem.

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