Wednesday, February 01, 2012


I tried to start back to my paleo/primal diet at the beginning of the year, and it lasted for a little over half the month of January before we hit a snag with the finances. So, I was eating grains and other such foods I should be staying away from for the later half of the month as they were already in the pantry. As of this morning, I am officially back to the low-carb lifestyle. Also, as of yesterday morning, I am back to taking my multi-vitamin of choice.

So far, I have been at my new employer a week and a half, and am finally, after several hiccups and lots of documentation, working with code again. It feels good to be doing something. Today is also the first day I'll be wearing my kilt at my new job, so we'll see how that goes. I think the most difficult thing about working there is avoiding the free cokes (for those of you outside the Atlanta area, that would be free soda/colas/pops/soda pops/eliphinowhatyouweirdpeoplecallit), but I have my glass mug (in which I only put water) crafted for me by Allen Bush, a master glassblower.

You may or may not have noticed, but comments have been disabled on this blog for some time, and by request, I am re-enabling them this morning. Hopefully, other small changes will be coming about as I work on improving this aspect of my life. Still no work on the main site, but hopefully that will be changing soon, as I find the time, as the majority of my day goes to work, cooking, and my family.

I know this was quite a different post from my more recent ones, but I felt like I needed to post a general update of what was going on in my life. I'll try not to make them too frequently. If you could, please leave a comment about the kinds of posts I'm doing that you do enjoy, and I will try to focus more on those.

Know why you do the things you do, and everything is worth it.


  1. Good to hear things are moving along... Speaking of Paleo, I'm going to link to your Spaghetti Meat-Sauce recipe on my blog. The scotch eggs were very tasty,even without the scotch!

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